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Antonio Barrena Tocino

I have a degree in History (Universidad de Cádiz), as well as PhD in Maritime History and Archaeological (Universidad de Cádiz). Since 2011 I have formed part of Universidad de Cádiz ‘s PAI-Hum 440 research group. As a formal member as this group I have collaborated in several projects and publications through I have specialized in lithic technology.
This concluded with the development of my doctoral thesis in 2018. This job covered about the production and reproduction way in Benzú rock-shelter (Ceuta, Spain) and other surroundings placements.
Currently I’m working in IMF-CSIC under contract from Juan de la Cierva-Formación program learning about functionality and technology with under direction of Ignacio Clemente.

Selection of international publications for the last five years

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  • Ramos-Muñoz, Jose Francisco; Bernal-Casasola, Dario; Barrena Tocino, Antonio ; Clemente-conte, Ignacio; Vijande-Vila, Eduardo; Cantillo-Duarte, Juan Jesús; Almisas-Cruz, Sergio. 2016. Middle Palaeolithic Mode 3 lithic technology in the rockshelter of Benzú (North Africa) and its immediate environmental relationships. Quaternary International. pp. 21-35.
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