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Juan F. Gibaja

I am scientific researcher of the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations in the Institution Milá and Fontanals (Barcelona). Although I am a specialist in the functional analysis of stone tools, in recent years my research has been focused on the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the Western Mediterranean. Between 2007 and 2010 I directed a project financed by FCT entitled “The last hunter-gatherers and the first agricultural communities in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and the north of Morocco”. Likewise, between 2011 and 2015 I obtained a project from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness to study the Neolithic funerary practices of the North-east of the Iberian Peninsula (“Approach to the first Neolithic communities of the NE of the Iberian Peninsula through their funerary practices”). At the present, the same ministry has given me another project focused on this historical moment of transition entitled “Neo-Innova: The diffusion of Neolithic in the Central-Western Mediterranean: agriculture, technological innovations and radiocarbon dating” (2017-2020).

Finally, it should be noted that since 2013 I have been directing several scientific projects with the aim of bringing science, in general, and archaeology, in particular, to the public. Among them is “#RavalEsCiencia: Science brings you closer to the past. Raval a history of more than 6000 years ago” funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT-13-6944) (2014-2015), “Science and Prehistory on Raval’s streets (Barcelona)”, funded by the Barcelona City Council (15S01060-001) (2015-2016) and “#BCN-ConCiencia: Barcelona, a History of 6000 years ago. knows its protagonists!” Funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT-16-10722).

Selection of international publications for the last five years

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