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Juan J. Ibañez

I am currently working on two key thematic areas: the analysis of prehistoric instruments’ role and the Neolithic’s origins and dissemination in the Middle East through Europe. I have directed or co-directed the excavation of the archaeological sites of Jeftelik (Homs, Syria, Ancient Natufian), Qarassa 3 (Sweida, Syria, Final Natufian), Kharaysin (Zarqa, Jordan; Neolithic Preceramic A and B), Tell Qarassa North (Sweida, Syria, Neolithic Preceramic Ancient B), Tell Labwe (Labwe, Lebanon: Preceramic Neolithic Final B and Ancient Ceramic) and Tell Marj (Homs, Syria; Neolithic Ceramic). In the Middle East I work on environmental evolution, origins of agriculture and livestock, obsidian exchanges through modelling, early houses and settlements, funerary rituals and the symbolic world.

In addition to using the standard method of use-wear analysis to understand the use of Palaeolithic and Neolithic lithic instruments, I am especially involved in the development of new quantitative methods for use-wear analysis using confocal microscopy.

Selection of international publications for the last five years

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