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Millán Mozota

I have a degree in Information Sciences (University of Navarra) and History (University of Cantabria), as well as a PhD in History (University of Cantabria).

As a technician of the Department of Archeology and Anthropology of the IMF-CSIC I work in microscopy for the study of archaeological material. I manage databases and I am in charge of the capture and creation of 3D models with structured light scanners and photogrammetry. I also collaborate in the preparation of fieldwork, in various laboratory tasks and in scientific illustration (photographic and 3D).

For many years, I’ve been working also in science dissemination. I’ve worked  via blogs, social media, direct actions and with my participation in projects from science dissemination institutions like FECYT.

My doctoral thesis dealt with the historical problematic of Neanderthal societies in the Upper Pleistocene through the study of instruments in hard animal matters, and I have the recognition of “Linked Doctor” of the International Institute of Prehistoric Research. I have recently turned my research and technical work into several historical problems of the Neolithic period.

Selection of international publications for the last five years

  • MOZOTA, M. 2017. Experimental programmes with retouchers: Where do we stand and where do we go now?. Hutson, J.M., García-Moreno, A., Turner, E., Villaluenga, A., Gaudzinski-Windheuser, S. (Eds.), 2017. The Origins of Bone Tool Technologies. Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Mainz.
  • Remolins, G.; Gibaja, J.F.; Allièse, F.; Fontanals, M.; Martin, P.; Masclans, A.; Mazzucco, N.; MOZOTA, M.; Oliva, M.; Oms, X., Santos; F. J. Terradas; X., Subira; M.E., Llovera, X. 2016. The Neolithic Necropolis of La Feixa del Moro (Juberri, Andorra): New data on the first farming communities in the Pyrenees. Comptes Rendus Palevol, v. 15, 5, pp. 537-554 (Abril–Junio 2016).
  • MOZOTA, M.; Gibaja, J.F. 2015. For a few awls more. Bone tools in northeastern Iberia Neolithic burials (4th–5th millennia cal BC). A morpho-technical and functional approach. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 4, pp. 65- 77 (Diciembre 2015).
  • MOZOTA, M. 2015. Un análisis tecno-funcional de los retocadores óseos musterienses del norte de la Península Ibérica, y su aplicación al estudio de los grupos neandertales. Munibe Antropologia-Arkeologia 66, pp. 5-21 (2015).
  • Pou, R.; Armentano, N., Martí; M., Martín; P., MOZOTA, M.; Gibaja, J.F. 2014. Los enterramientos neolíticos de Ca l’Arnella (Terrassa, Barcelona). Trabajos de Prehistoria v. 71, 1, pp. 146-155 (Enero-Junio 2014).

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