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Silvia Valenzuela
(ERC-StG 716298)

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Silvia Valenzuela

I am currently the PI of the ERC-StG project: ‘ZoomWest: Zooarchaeology and Mobility in the Western Mediterranean from the Late Bronze Age to Late Antiquity’. This research builds on the results obtained during an IEF Marie Curie Fellowship at the University of Sheffield (2011-2014) and a FCT post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Lisbon (2009-2011).

The project is focused on the analysis of mobility as a factor to understand ancient economy based on zooarchaeological remains. Specific questions under investigation include changes in animal husbandry, the introduction of livestock, the influence of local culture and the permanence of ritual practices across time and space. The approach includes osteoarchaeology, biometry, isotopic analysis (strontium, carbon and oxygen), ancient DNA and dental microwear.

Together with Umberto Albarella, I am the coordinator of the ICAZ Roman Period Working Group. This international network currently groups more than 90 researchers, and is a privileged platform to discuss the impact of the Roman Empire in a pan-European scale and beyond.

Selection of international publications for the last five years

  • VALENZUELA-LAMAS, S.; Albarella, U. 2017. Scientific Editors: “Husbandry in the Western Roman Empire: a zooarchaeological perspective”, Special Issue of European Journal of Archaeology, forthcoming (2017, vol. 4).
  • VALENZUELA-LAMAS, S.; Colominas, L.; Fernández, C. 2017. Scientific Editors: “The Romanization in the Iberian Peninsula. A Zooarchaeological perspective”, Special Issue of Archaeofauna. International Journal of Archaeozoology, Volume 26.
  • VALENZUELA-LAMAS, S. 2008. Alimentació i ramaderia al Penedès durant la protohistòria (segles VII-III aC), Premi Josep Barberà, Societat Catalana d’Arqueologia, Barcelona, 2008. Exhaurit en format paper.
  • VALENZUELA-LAMAS, S.; Jiménez-Manchón, S.; Evans, J.; López, D.; Jornet, R.; Albarella U. 2016 Analysis of seasonal mobility of sheep in Iron Age Catalonia (north-eastern Spain) based on strontium and oxygen isotope analysis from tooth enamel: First results, Journal of Archaeological Science Reports, Volume 6, pp. 828–836.
  • VALENZUELA-LAMAS, S.; Valenzuela, L.; Saula, O.; Colet, A.; Mercadal, O.; Subiranas, C.; Nadal, N. 2014. Shechita and Kashrut: Identifying Jewish populations through zooarchaeology and taphonomy. Two examples from Medieval Catalonia (North-Eastern Spain), Quaternary International, 330, pp. 109–117.

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