Archaeology of Social Dynamics (ASD)

Archaeology of Social Dynamics is a research group of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), hosted in the Mila y Fontanals Institute on Humanities research (IMF), devoted to the study of the social relations of the past human communities from an archaeological perspective. These relationships affect both intra-community (relationships between individuals) and inter-community behaviour (relationships established between different communities).

In all cases the synchronic variability of these relations as well as their diachronic dynamics are emphasized. This way, our attention is especially focused on the dynamics of social change, that is, on the great transitions that took place throughout Prehistory and pre-medieval periods.

In particular, we investigate the human-environment interactions, mobility and land-use, dynamics of intensification of resource exploitation, technical innovations, the origins of agriculture, as well as changes in livestock practices and the integration of these processes in the set of socioeconomic dynamics.

ASD constitutes a research unit of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) which is recognised and funded by the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants of the Government of Catalonia (AGAUR; 2017 SGR 995).

News ASD

News ASD

The 2022-2023 ASD Seminar schedule is now available on the @asd_csic website !!!

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La arqueología ocupa un puesto de vanguardia en la investigación, prueba de ello son los proyectos del II Premio Nacional de Arqueología y Paleontología @FundacionPalarq recopilados en 'Desenterrando el pasado. La gran aventura de la arqueología'👇🏽

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'Desenterrando el pasado. La gran aventura de la arqueología'
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Proyecto de #cienciaciudadana creando conocimiento y difundiéndolo. Necesitamos más proyectos que combinen #arqueologia #ganaderiaextensiva #arte #paisaje @asd_csic @ArchHubCSIC @imfcsic @TerraTecaTraca Mira y comparte para ayudar! (video 5min)

A perspective of the 6 finalist projects in the National Archaeology Award granted by @FundacionPalarq including @La_Draga_site

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