Mountain Archaeology WorkshopOn March 27th, the workshop “Arqueoloxía en áreas de montaña: últimos desenvolvementos e retos de futuro na Península Ibérica” will be held in Santiago de Compostela. It is organized by the Instituto de Ciencias del Patrimonio del CSIC along with other institutions.

The workshop will bring together a significant number of the teams of researchers who develop mountain archaeology in the Iberian Peninsula, a field of study that has undergone relevant developments in recent years. Beyond the fact of working in sites located in mountain ranges and higher grounds, the encounter represents a meeting point for several archaeological researchers that, with a marked interdisciplinary profile, intend to understand the shaping of the mountainous living territories over time.

The Grup d’Arqueologia de l’Alta Muntanya will be attending and presenting the communication entitled “Mirando hacia atrás un camino apenas iniciado: el estudio arqueológico del poblamiento en las áreas de alta montaña” (Looking back to a path that has just begun: the archaeological study of the population in the high mountain areas”), reviewing the work done over the last 15 years and outlining the lines and future challenges.

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