1st Conference on the EARLY NEOLITHIC of EUROPEThe Unit ‘Archaeology of Social Dynamics‘, hosted in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC-IMF, Barcelona), in collaboration with the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, has organized the 1st Conference on the EARLY NEOLITHIC of EUROPE (Barcelona, 6-8 November, 2019). www.ene2019.org

Registration is open. Call for abstracts is also open until May 15, 2019. We positively welcome multidisciplinary approaches, regional syntheses and/or contextualised case studies.

This conference aims to be a meeting of researchers studying the early Neolithic in Europe and surroundings areas, in relation with the neolithisation process in the continent. This process followed different rhythms and presented singularities in each geographic area, and was therefore a very complex phenomenon. In order to address this scientific challenge, the conference is organised in nine thematic sessions:

  1. Neolithic spread and supraregional interactions, chaired by Catherine Perlès (Université Paris Nanterre);
  2. Chronology and modelling, chaired by Stephen Shennan (University College London);
  3. Human–environment interaction, chaired by Jean-François Berger (Université Lumière Lyon);
  4. Population characteristics and dynamics, chaired by Mattias Jakobsson (Uppsala Universitet);
  5. Territory and settlement, chaired by Daniela Hofmann (University of Hamburg);
  6. Subsistence, chaired by Amy Bogaard (University of Oxford);
  7. Technological processes, chaired by Annelou van Gijn (Universiteit Leiden);
  8. Funerary practices, chaired by Christian Jeunesse (Université de Strasbourg);
  9. Symbolism, chaired by Goce Naumov (University Goce Delcev).