Research interests

During more than 25 years our research regarding the social relationships among past communities has been leaded by a thorough integration of Archaeological and Anthropological approaches by means of the Ethnoarchaeology. With this aim on view, we are continuously testing new methodologies to approach the past, developing and applying advanced analytical techniques to the archaeological research. This way we are carrying out an interdisciplinary and collaborative research everywhere and open to scientific collaborations in many scientific domains. Our main research interests are focused on:

  • Human-Environment Interactions
  • Mobility and Land-Use
  • Symbolic behaviour and ritual practices in the past
  • Faunal resources from Late Prehistory to Medieval times
  • Plant and Dung uses
  • Perishable material culture
  • Ethnoarchaeological research
  • Experimental Archaeology
  • Prehistoric Technology
  • Mining, Quarrying and Raw Material Sourcing
  • Diffusion Networks of Materials, Products and Ideas
  • 3D in Archaeology
  • Geoarchaeology and Soil micromorphology
  • Isotopic analysis of faunal remains
  • Phytolith morphometrics
  • Plant microfossils from artefacts and dental calculus
  • Micro-Wear Patterns on Prehistoric tools and Tooth Enamel
  • Data analysis with R
  • Pyrenees and high mountain occupation
  • Mesolithic in Western Mediterranean and the Near East
  • Neolithic origins in Western Europe, Northern Africa and the Near East
  • First settling of America
  • Heritage for social integration and peace building
  • Cultural heritage protection in conflicts
Ongoing projects


Past projects


Archaeological sites