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Variscite mines of Gavà

Gavà (Barcelona, Spain)

The Neolithic mines at Gavà (Barcelona) form a unique subterranean mining complex where variscite (a green phosphate mineral, similar to turquoise, also known as callaïs or cal·laita), was extracted and processed into ornaments which were often devoted to prestige goods (beads and pendants) by the miners themselves. Variscite ornaments made at Gavà have been found in the mines themselves and in many Neolithic burials in the north-easternmost part of the Iberian Peninsula and part of southern France during the Middle Neolithic. These valuable ornaments circulated, together with other lithic materials (e.g., Barremian-Bedoulian flint from south-eastern France, obsidian from Mediterranean islands and jadeite and other Alpine rocks), through complex and overlapping trade networks, bringing into contact different contemporary Neolithic cultures in the north-western Mediterranean basin.

Mining activities at Gavà were concentrated in the first half of the 4th millennium cal. BC, although slightly earlier and later activity is also reported. Mine structures vary greatly in complexity and size, from short, simple, vertical or semi-vertical shafts to complex structures that combine semi-vertical shafts, distribution chambers and horizontal tunnel-like galleries at different levels, reaching a total depth of up to 15 m. The surface area affected by the mining activities was quite large, probably several hectares. A dozen mines have been fully or partially excavated, while over 90 sections of shafts or galleries have been identified and left unexcavated for future research.


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