The ASD group’s researchers participate in a Doctorate program in Prehistoric Archaeology coordinated by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Cantabria. The Mila y Fontanals Institute on Humanities research (IMF) also hosts numerous PhD students who carry out their thesis in CSIC’s framework, as well as external students who take the tutelage of ASD group’s researchers to carry out their doctoral thesis or other specific studies in any of our research interests.

The ASD group also participates in the training of Autonomous University of Barcelona’s students who want to develop their curricular practices in CSIC’s IMF laboratories and facilities. These practices are developed within the framework of current research projects.

Since 2009, we have been organizing the Seminars on Prehistoric Technology. These Seminars include the participation of ASD group’s technic and scientific staff as well as external guests. The seminars are aimed at masters and PhD students from all over the world and have an essentially technical and methodological character. Seminar topics are closely related to the research lines developed within the framework of ASD group.

  • 2009. Tools in hard materials of animal origin. Analysis and methodologies
  • 2010. Study and interpretation of the macrolithic tools
  • 2011. Laminar flaking. Methods and techniques
  • 2014. Manufacture and use of shells and ornaments. Methodology and practical cases
  • 2015. 3D Techniques applied to the technological studies and use-wear analyses in Prehistory. Exploring new fields of application
  • 2016. Initiation to the functional analysis of prehistoric lithic instruments
  • 2017. The flaking technology and its use in Prehistory
  • 2019. Production of obsidian tools, its distribution and uses in the Western Mediterranean Neolithic
  • 2022. Confocal Microscopy for the analysis of wear on tools and teeth in Prehistory